: The Plug-In Performance Upgrade For Your Boat

Remember your best race? That feeling when everything just ‘clicks’, it feels like you have another gear sailing upwind and the boat is just flying across the water?

smarttune is a new technology that will help you to get that feeling every time.

Our smarttune product accurately measures your forestay load, allowing you to record and repeat your fast rig settings, creating the optimum sail shape and the best racing performance, in all conditions.

“Matching forestay tension to the wind and sails is key to upwind performance,”
says Stu Bannatyne, four-time winner of the Volvo Ocean Race and head of Grand Prix sails at Doyle Sails Auckland.


smarttune is an innovative solution for accurate, live measurement of forestay load. Simple to retro-fit at the dock, smarttune makes repeatable headsail shape control available through precision-designed, wireless technology


Developed for use by Grand Prix racing teams, the smarttune package is now available to meet the performance requirements of race yachts of all sizes.

About Us

smarttune technology has been developed by Cyclops Marine, a Farnborough-based company bringing together professional engineers and sailors to develop smart fittings and systems.

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For decades, yacht racers have relied on pieces of tape, rulers and pen markings on the deck to measure forestay load. Smart Tune brings things into the 21st century, making Grand Prix technology available to the racing yacht market. 

“Forestay sag is a key part of controlling the aero-shape of the headsail and enables you to create different sail shapes for different wind conditions. Forestay sag is measured by forestay load, and controlled by rig and backstays. Accurate knowledge of forestay sag enables you to repeatedly adjust this to give the optimum sail shape for best performance throughout the race.”

Eddie Warden-Owen, former sailmaker and America’s Cup coach